Why Art Therapy?

Hello Beautiful People, I’m Azam, an artist and I will share with you my passion about Art Therapy.

It was March 2020, My parents were supposed to come to visit us after some years of living in Dubai.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 started to be serious news everywhere and in the second week of March, the world then UAE decided to announce a lockdown for further notice.

I was sad, worried, and had all kinds of negative energy plus missing my parents. My husband’s job wasn’t secure. I slept and watched Netflix for almost one month and followed the news and got scared to go out. 

I am an artist, I never can stop to create, so, I started to order hundreds of yarns to knit colorful outfits, it helped a lot to stop thinking and analyzing everything sadly.

Then I started my new and early collection of flower paintings as it was a dream to start for years.

It wasn’t enough, I searched for my favorite writer who is a good storyteller, I ordered City of girls from Elizabeth Gilbert. The story was about a surviving girl from a transition of generation and war in the early 20s century. The book is mostly talking about art and its impact on the life of people.

It’s started to make sense, I’m feeling better, I feel inspired because I am creating every day and I don’t have time to follow the news anymore.

It hit me that it can help everyone as well, , so, I started to find out how art is related to life, happiness and well-being. Then I ordered books and I took online courses. I can be honest with you that I enjoyed my lockdown and it helped me so much to find myself.

And I would like to share all of my discoveries with you, but before that, we need some little talk together. Imagine it face to face.

The first question is what do we call art that brings emotions or meanings to your life?

 the color of your notebook on your desk is important for your happiness, the artworks on the walls, the fashion clothes that you wear, the way you sit, you talk, you think, the rug that you select to walk on it, the interior design, home decoration you decide to have, the color of your mug that you use for your everyday coffee or tea, the music you listen, movies you watch, everything that you are surrounded with and you can touch, you can see, you can hear, you can smell or feel it, all of them are influencing on your emotional wellbeing, your happiness in the sense of Art, we call everything art if only one people call it art so let’s have this deal together, almost everything is art including you and me.


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This post is written by Azam Sadeghi

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