Our Story

The same strong passion for ART, Fashion and compassion of people:

Azam & Gilles, the color of love.

From her 7 years, Azam has always wanted to study art in France, at 28 it’s time to move forward, she decides to leave her country and takes a flight to Dubai, where the life of an woman artist is obviously easier for self-expression and becoming the artist she has always been deep inside her.

November 2016 in Alserkal Avenue, a district of arts and culture in Dubai filled. Azam Sadeghi enters an art gallery, met Gilles, a French guy who is directing a video shooting. Looking for a gallery to exhibit her artworks, she thinks that he’s the owner, Gilles gets fascinated by the colors, shapes, and forms of her work. Something electric and strong connect between them… Gilles recognized her potential and pushes her to display and sell her arts to the World.

Absolu[ART] is an ethical online Art gallery and Prints shop to help people to feel happier and better through Art coaching and workshops.
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Who is behind Absolu[ART]?

Azam Sadeghi

Azam Sadeghi is a contemporary artist who has emerged from the challenging society where she was born, Gorgan, Iran (1988).

Currently Azam lives and works in Dubai, UAE, having the freedom to display her art, which reflects a range of emotions and imagination, all combined to produce pieces of incredible talent.

I believe that nothing is powerful enough to separate us from each other; borders of countries, nationalities, colors of skins or even not religions, we can make our lines and our societies with our desires.

Living in such an amazing country like UAE encourages me to feel my belief come true and many people with different nationalities, religions, and cultures… are working, living, and sharing with peace, safety and hope.

This inspires me to show what I see through the combination of colors, lines, composition, and shapes.

It’s an ambition to combine this heritage and language with what I believe to achieve beyond what I imagine exchanging today with the future and create a dream for dream wishes and dream seekers.

My inspiration is about human behaviors and beliefs. I show every individual equal with strong colors for hair and body. Colorful portrait of a woman as a gift on earth with big attention to eyes.

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Gilles G. Vidal

Gilles G. Vidal is a French visual Artist, Digital marketing Expert, and Creative producer/Director.

For over 25 years, Gilles G. has brought his dynamic vision to video having directed and produced more than 1500 audio-visual projects for renowned international brands.

He directed a hundred cultural tv shows for the famous French TV Channel “Canal +” and opened a Digital art gallery in Paris.

On a personal level, Gilles G. is also an exhibiting visual artist in Europe as well as a VJ (Live video projection), using his skills and creativity to illuminate events for brands and agencies.

He passionately combines art and brand identity in all his creations.

Early in the fashion industry as an Art director, at 16 Years old, Gilles G. Vidal after winning the prize for “The Most Promising Fashion Designer” in France, created his prêt-à-porter brand.

Gilles G. Vidal, is a mix of culture and roots, born in France, to a Vietnamese mother and a Hispano-German father, left school at 15 to devote himself to the arts and his career.

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Our Mission

Azam Sadeghi and Gilles Vidal want to spread positivity and help people in their well-being journey. They want to assist others in living the life they were born to create. They care about people and always want to help them to find the best in themselves. They create Absolu[ART] to help individuals experiencing emotional and psychological challenges through ART.

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Our Inspiration

Gilles’s background as a Fashion Designer, Creative producer/Director helps him develop a strong eye for details and always see the best in people.

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Our Commitment

Make a difference with Sustainable Art

In a time when Global warming is threatening human well-being, Absolu[ART] is working to minimize its environmental impact. Gilles and Azam advocate for environmentally friendly practices by choosing Ethical and Sustainable materials or products or even zero-plastic packaging…

We care for the well-being of our planet and its people; this is our responsibility to be as environmentally friendly as we possibly can”.


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